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Peru Town Clerk

Member Title Phone Term Start Term End
Kim Leach
Town Clerk
655-8312 # 2

Meeting times: Mondays 4:00pm-6:30pm and by appointment,
Term: Elected for 3 years at Town Election

Phone # 413-655-8312 Ext # 2            Fax # 413-655-2759

Town Clerk Mailing Address:                                                                    

  Town Of Peru,  Town Clerk, 3 East Main Rd, Suite 102,  Peru MA 01235                                                                

Peru Town Hall   Phone : 413-655-8312  

Extension numbers ;                                                      

#0  Town Administrator
#1   Tax Collector /Treasurer
#2   Town Clerk
#3   Building Inspector 
#4   Board of Assessors
#5   Accountant
#6   Police Non Emergency
#7   Board of Selectmen
#8   Health Agent/Inspector 


Please note:  State, county, and municipal offices are closed on the following Massachusetts Legal Holidays                           


Administrator  Caleb Mitchell  # 413-655-8312 x 0 E-mail;
Animal Control Office/Animal Inspector Verne Leach Email :
Board of Assessors Chairperson Karen Tonelli #413-655-8657 x 4
Board of Health Chairperson Kay Miller # 413-655-8312 x 8
Building Inspector  Tim Sears # 413-655-8312 x 3 E-mail ;
Conservation Commission Chairperson Kimberly Wetherell E-mail:
Council on Aging Director Mary Morrison #413-446-9628,  E-mail
Town Clerk  Kim Leach   #413-655-8312  x 2 , E-mail :
Finance Committee Chairperson George Greule #413-655-8688
Fire Department Chief Brian Dewkett - # 413- 655-8811   E-mail
Highway Department Justin Russell # 413- 655-8224       
Historic Commission Chairperson James Kenney , E-mail :
Library Director Ruth Calaycay  # 413-655-8650 , E-mail :
Cultural Council Coralie Pelkey, Ruth Calaycay, Kristen Parker  #413-655-8312                                                                                                          
Planning Board Chairperson Samuel Haupt  # 413-446-2314
Police Department Chief Jeffery Henault  # 413- 655-8377 x 6  ~  Fax413- 655 -2144   
Health Inspector/Agent  Jayne Smith # 413-655-8312 x 8 or  # 413 717 8922  Email
Parks & Rec.Commission Chairperson Douglas Haskins # 413-655-2998
Selectboard Chairperson Bruce Cullett  # 413-655-8312 x 7
Tax Collector/ Treasurer  Caryn Wendling  # 413- 655-0072 x 1 , E-mail :
Town Accountant  #413-655-8312 x 5
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson Richard Haupt  #413-655-8312

Peru Town Hall Mailing Addresses:                                                              

Town of Peru ( *Department3 East Main RD  (*SuitePeru MA 01235

*Suite#      * Department                          
100         Town Administrator
101         Tax Collector /Treasurer
102         Town Clerk
103         Health Inspector/Agent
104         Board of Assessors
105         Town Accountant
106         Police
107         Board of Selectmen
108         Building Inspector
109         Fire Department
110         Highway Department
111         Council on Aging
112         Conservation Commission
113         Planning Board /Zoning Board
114         Plumbing/Electrical Inspector
115         General Delivery


 Vital Records

 Certificate of Birth, Certified   $10.00

 Certificate of Marriage, Certified   $10.00

 Marriage License  $10.00

 Filing a Marriage Intention  $10.00

 Burial Permit  $10.00

 Certificate of Death, Certified  $10.00


Dog Licenses  

 1 Yr. License due by April 1  Expires March 31

 Spayed Female or Neutered Male $10.00 

 Female or Male Unaltered  $15.00

 Multi-Dog License (4-6) Dogs  $35.00

 Kennel License 7 or More Dogs $110.00

                         Residents 70 Years and Older- No Charge                                  

Dog Licsense Late Fee  $10.00  (Applies After March 31st)  


                                 Business  Certificates                                     

  Business Certificate "DBA" 4 Years  $25.00                Business Certificate Certified Copy $10.00 


Raffle/Bazaar Permit  $10.00        Charity/Church/Non Profits- No Charge , must show proof 


To Access Topics From The List Below Click  Here 
Dog Licensing Fees & Mail in Form *  Business Certificate ( DBA)   *   Obtaining A Marriage License   *  Annual Street Listing (Census Questionnaire)  *  Public Records Request  * Public Records Access Guidelines  *  Conflict of Interest Law & State Ethics  * Open Meeting Law  *  Town Bylaws  *  2016 Early Voting Awards  *   Register To Vote & Absentee Ballot Applications  * Annual Town Meeting Record of Minutes  *  Annual Town Election


 Town Clerk Responsibilities 

Serves as Custodian of official Town Records and public documents. 

Maintains, records, catalogs and files all official and public documents in conformity with the Massachusetts General Laws.

Files all Boards , Committees , Commissions meeting minutes.

Administers Oath of Office for all town officials. Administers oath of office as required to all elected officials, appointed members of boards and committees, and police and fire department personnel, and ensures that all officials are in writing of the State's Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest laws.

Attests to and maintains documentation on all elected and appointed Town officials, as well as letters of resignation.

Recording Officer. Records and certifies all official actions of Town Meeting legislation and appropriations, prepares and sends newly voted bylaws to the Attorney General’s Office for approval.

Maintains DLS (Division of Local Services) Gateway and Local Officials Directory.

Certifies town budget in order for Assessor's to set tax rate.

Receives and records all applications and final decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals; issues statements of "no appeal".

Files Zoning By-Law and Town By-Law changes accompanied with necessary documentation for approval with the Attorney General; records and notifies appropriate officials of approval/disapproval.

Serves as "Keeper of the Seal". Seals and attests to elected officials, by signature, to By Laws,resolutions and contracts, easements, deeds, bonds and other documents requiring town certification.

Issues certificates of the votes taken at Town meeting as required by law or upon request.

Serves as Chief Elections Officer for the Town with full responsibility for the total administration of fair and impartial local, state, and federal elections and town meetings in accordance with the Secretary of State's office and local By-laws.

Prepares election calendar, manages all on-site activity at the polling place, arranges for the physical setup of polls, trains poll workers, prepares tally sheets; oversees and reports official election results to the Secretary of State's Office, and is a member of the Board of Registrars.

Responsible for the layout and printing of town ballots. Prepares, receives, and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions. and provides necessary election calendar and candidate information.

Arranges for applications, mailing and return of absentee ballots for all elections.

Over sees all aspects of voter registrations and related functions using automated state voter registration system: Central Voter Registration System (CVR). Resolves voter issues. 

Reports the official list of town officials elected and qualified to the Secretary of State's office after every local election, and reports any changes in such offices as they occur. Attests to and maintains files of appointed and elected Town officials.

Preserves and maintains archival information and issues certified copies of birth, death and marriage records, thereby providing a legal and historically accurate record of Town actions. Maintains and develops systematic procedures for the disposal of obsolete records. 

Distributes and explains,upon request, Open Meeting Law and Conflict of lnterest Law to all Boards and Committees.

Tracks and reminds employees, appointed and elected officials of biannual MA state ethics Training requirement.

Serves as Registrar of Vital Statistics. Records and indexes all birth, marriage and death certificates; with genealogical research for members of the public, and is responsible for maintenance, disposition, and preservation of municipal archival records and materials.

Reports monthly to the State Registry of Vital Records and Statistics, adhering to records management schedules and files amendments to birth, marriage and death certificates as required; corrects and amends certificates as directed by court action from Massachusetts and all other states; establish birth records for foreign born adopted children upon request.

Serves as a Licensing Officer. Issues state, local and county licenses, permits and certificates including marriage licenses, raffle and bazaar permits, burial permits, business certificates, dog licenses; ensuring that rabies vaccination is current.

As Census and Voter Registration Administrator, the Town Clerk is responsible for the State Central Voter Registry Information System (CVR) on a local level as well as all related census activity.

Mails an annual census form to each household, enters the data in CVR, prepares and arranges for the printing of the Annual Street List.

Verifies and certifies residency upon request; transmits census information to Jury Commission, manages residency verification, publicizes voter registration sessions, manages voter list, verifies and certifies signatures of voters on petitions and nomination papers, manages and maintains Absentee Balloting lists for all Elections and certifies voter status.

Attends training seminars or programs in order to maintain knowledge of changes in local, state or federal regulations/laws as well as the application of technology in support of department operations.

Must attend all Annual Town Meetings and Special Town Meetings