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Nomination Papers Available March 12, 2018 For the Peru Annual Town Election

Starting on Monday March 12th,  Nomination papers for the Peru Annual Town Election will be available.

The following offices will appear on the June 9, Peru Annual Town Election Ballot :

Select Board, one 3-yr. term  ;   Town Clerk, one 3 yr. term ;   Board of Health, one 3-yr .term;    Planning Board, one 5-yr. term;   Finance Board, one 5-yr .term ;   Constable, one 2-yr. term;   Constable, one 1-yr term;   Tree Warden, one 1-yr. term                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Nomination papers are available in the Town Clerk's Office ( starting March 12th ) on Monday evenings between 4:00-6:30PM or by making arrangements with the Town Clerk , Availability throughout the week including Saturdays.

The last day to obtain nomination papers is , Thursday April 19th, by 5PM; the Town Clerk's office will be open from Noon -5PM that day.

The last day to submit papers to the Town Clerk's office for certification is Saturday, April 21 by 5PM; the Town Clerk's office will be open from Noon -5PM that day.                     

The Annual Town Election will take place on Saturday, June 9, from 8am-6pm at the Peru Community Center 3 East Main Rd. Peru  ( Lower level of the Peru Town Hall )

 The last date to register to vote at the Annual Town Election is May 19, 8:00 PM. 

 A voter’s registration session will be held on May 19, from 2-4PM and 7-8PM in the town clerk’s office.


Thank you , Kim Leach ~ Town Clerk 

Office #655-8312 X 2 -Home #413-655-8092  E-mail;

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2018 PERU DOG LICENSES AVAILABLE for dogs age 6 mos & older-1yr lic goes from Apr.1st -Mar. 31st of each year $10.00 late fee applies after Mar 31st


2018 PERU DOG LICENSES are available for dogs age 6 months and older.They are a 1yr license and go from April 1st -March 31st of each year. A $10.00 Late Fee per dog will be charged in addition to the cost of each license issued after March 31st.

 GENERAL BY-LAWS OF THE TOWN OF PERU   Article 19.         ANIMAL CONTROL BY-LAW                                                                                                     H.    Should any owner or keeper of an animal fail to license that animal as required by MGL., Chapter 140 before April 1, the owner or keeper shall pay a late fee as established by the Board of Selectmen before obtaining said license, except a dog brought into the Town as provided by MGL., Chapter 140 Section 138.  This late fee shall be applicable from the 61st day after arrival of such dog.  Any person maintaining a commercial kennel in the Town of Peru who fails to license as prescribed by this section and the laws of the Commonwealth, shall pay a late fee as established by the Board of Selectmen, commencing April 1st.



 Owners or Keepers of Unlicensed Dogs Shall be Subject to a Fine of $50.00


 You may obtain a Dog License in the town clerk’s office on Mondays between 4-6:30pm or by appointment during the week, including Saturdays,  You may also obtain a Mail -In Dog Registration Form at town hall or download a copy here : Mail- In Dog Registration Form  ,the form is for 1- 3 dogs only, otherwise you must purchase a dog license in person.

 Dog License Fees:  Neutered Male/ Spayed Female $ 10.00 ~  Unaltered Male/ Female $15.00  ~  Multi-dog 4-6 Dogs $35.00  ~  Kennel License ( 7 or More Dogs ) $ 110.00   ~ Residents 70 Years and Older- No Charge                                        Kim leach ~ Peru Town Clerk 

Annual town census has been mailed to all Peru households

 02.pngCHECK YOUR MAIL ! The annual town census has been mailed to all Peru households. Residents are urged to review, update, sign and return them as soon as possible. Even if there were no changes, we still need them to be returned. All occupants, including children, should be listed, although information obtained for residents under age 17 remains confidential.

There is an self-addressed envelope included in with the census.

Town census is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it establishes legal residence for voting privileges and town benefits. It is the census figures that are used to determine grants or to receive state and federal reimbursements and aide, School enrollments are also based on town census. . Also, any registered voters in a household that fails to complete an annual census will lose their “active” voter status.

Please make sure you and your families are counted.
If you do not receive a Census form by the end of January, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office and we will make sure you receive one.
QUESTIONS? Please call or e-mail the Peru Town Clerk - 413-655-8312 Ext. #2 , E-MAIL

Thank you , Kim  Leach ~ Peru Town Clerk